Legal help for foreigners in Turkey

We assist foreign individuals who reside or not in Turkey on private law matters.(i.e. Matrimonial, heritage, real estate)

– Immigration Law

The statutes, rules, and legal precedents that govern immigration into and deportation from a nation are referred to as immigration law. We advise and assist our clients in every step of the immigration procedure, including Citizenship Application, Residence Permit, Work Permit, and support procedures.

– Real Estate Procedures/Lawsuits

We provide Due diligence, Valuation, Lease contracts, Buy-sell procedures, Encumbrances, Dissolution of partnership on properties.

– Divorce

If a marriage is registered or conducted in Turkey, parties should start a lawsuit in order to dissolve the marriage. Foreing individuals can follow the legal procedures from abroad by appointing a lawyer for the case through a power of attorney (“POA”). Foreing individuals can grant the POA in the Consulate of Turkey of the resident country.

– Heritage Cases

We assist our foreign individuals in transfer of the Deed titles, Heritage, Kinship, Guardianship cases.

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