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Fundamentally Intellectual Property Law of Turkey is aligned under the Code of Industrial Property Rights numbered 6769 and Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846. (the “Law”) Along with these codes, Turkey also participates in 15 different IP Rights international conventions. Considering intellectual and industrial property rights management as a strategic issue, we not only protect our clients’ intellectual property rights, but also support them in the strategic management of intellectual property.

We provide services in all areas of the Law, including trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, patent rights, domain name disputes, protection of trade secrets and unfair competition. We carry out industrial rights applications before the Turkish Patent Institute and representation services for our clients at all stages of litigation and disputes.

Intellectual property services provided by Topcu Legal:

– Trademarks

The protection for trademarks in Turkey is available to natural or legal entities domiciled or engaged in industrial or commercial activities in Turkey. Along with this, the persons who have the right of application according to the Paris Convention or Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization, can as well apply. Trademark protection applications are crucial to secure your brands, also in related activities of your business. Trademark applications are being carried out through authorised Trademark Representatives in Turkey. Contact us to protect your trademark in Turkey.

– Copyrights

Copyright is granted under the Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works in Turkey. Turkey is also a party to the Berne Convention, Rome Convention and TRIPS Agreement. Along with these, Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publication on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications regulates criminal actions which may have been committed through the internet.

Copyright agreements should be drafted carefully under the light of Turkish Supreme Court decisions along with international conventions in order not to cause any loss of right during the transfer of rights. We provide the best advice to our clients on such transfer/licence agreements.

– Patents/ utility models

Patents and utility models protect new inventions. You may apply for a patent right or a utility model right in order to obtain an exclusive right. For instance, If you have a new technical solution to a problem, patents or utility models allow you to prevent others from using your invention without your permission for a fixed period of time. In this aspect, persons have the right to licence or transfer its patent rights to another person through a written agreement. You can ask for our advice for submitting your global registration application.

– Legal assistance for Media creators

Movies, TV Series, music or other content production and legal protection. With the emergence and increase in the number of media platforms, the number of film and TV series producers has also increased. Topcu Legal provides legal assistance to artists, producers, broadcasters and directors on licensing and copyright agreements in the media content production process.

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